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Monday, June 7, 2010

Tool #2... PLN

1. Over the past few years I've had the pleasure to work in several professional PLN's. It is gratifying to share & borrow ideas, learn about new techniques/strategies, and just network with others of a like mind. It helped me see why our children have gravitated so quickly to social networking and being online even when sitting at the same table with those they are texting.
I'm excited to be a part of a PLN in SBISD and with others on my campus.

2. I think it helps to be yourself. Also, Anya, from Anya's Annotations, mentioned being humble. This is true, too. Asking for help, admitting what you learned compared to what you thought, thanking others when they gave you support are all a part of growing and learning and seeing yourself as others see you. These are pieces that allow us to be more than we are as individuals.

3. The five blogs/bloggers I've selected to follow and interact with are:
JoAnne Lee- Ms. Lee's Thoughts ;
Amy Houser- Amy's House;
Valerie Harrelson- vrhTechStudent;
Anya Schmidt- Anya's Annotations;
and Shaun Wegscheid- E1even Too1s.


  1. Yes Cheryl I think the emotional support will be priceless.

  2. Cheryl, I'm looking forward to being a part of a PLN, too and involving the kids in new, exciting ways. I know I will learn a lot from the members as well as the kids.