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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tool #3- Image Generators & Mashups

I've explored several of the image generators and mashup sites this past year. I like "Glogster". It opens up a multitude of ways to utilize more technology and look more closely at informational design and product quality.

Finally, July 25th, I decided to add a Spell With Flickr image. I've added it to the bottom of my blog as a gadget. :-)

I decided to test out "Wordle". Teaching a middle school technology class at times has left me wondering how to get more technical terms used and visible with the students- so this looks like a fun way to make word associations and vocabulary practice more interesting.

Wordle: MYP technology

This "Wordle" contains the components of the Design Cycle we use with our technology projects.

ImageChef Word Mosaic - ImageChef.com

This application also has similar capabilities and could be lots of fun for use with covering "ELPS" and second language learner support.

I like to let the students create learning games, graffiti boards, etc. about what they consider the more boring aspects of technology class. Image generators and mashups could provide another avenue for them to increase digital expertise while creating learning tools for others.

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  1. with middle school students, it is all about catching their attention. Using any kind ot technology will do that. I think they would love wordle anf glogster.