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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tool #4 Google Tools

Google Docs
Several of my students this past year used Google Docs to share project and homework assignments. I really had not looked at what it allows one to do but now I can see it has some nice options to make life easier. I didn't have time but I want to play with using Google Docs with the spreadsheet function from the vidoe clip. (I am working with 31 teachers and staff on a summer training in Austin and I think it could make my life simpler.)
I did upload our school Approaches To Learning (ATL) draft that we are building for use with our students. I shared it with the seventh grade teachers and a few others to get their input on expectations on skills we value to promote self determined learners. I'm looking forward to seeing how this works.

With Google Reader I am following the same people from Tool #2:
JoAnne Lee- Ms. Lee's Thoughts;
Amy Houser- Amy's House;
Valerie Harrelson- vrhTechStudent;
Anya Schmidt- Anya's Annotations;
and Shaun Wegscheid- E1even Too1s.

I can see that Google Reader would be a nice tool for class if set to let me know when a student, peer, or friend has added something to a feed. Students could use this on project/homework collaboration and share documents, resources, and a variety of information and tools quickly.


  1. I know that students use google docs to share information about projects. It is a great tool.

  2. I agree with you that google docs is a wonderful tool for the students to use with their projects.