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Friday, July 9, 2010

Tool #10 Mobile Technology and Apps

I am devoting the weekend to playing with the hand-me down iPhone at our house. I have an iTouch that I got mid spring and didn't use much. During my trip to Europe I watched the students use their iPhones and iTouches for most everything. They really were useful and handy for more than just listening to music, audiobooks, or watching a movie.

After playing with several apps on an iPhone and an iTouch, I really liked Dragon Dictation since there are many times that I want to make a note of things or record something and have to go back and type it or write it later. With Dragon Dictation, the app takes your voice message and turns it into text. Yeah! (It'll help with some of those dyslexic moments as well.) I liked seeing Skype, Geo Locator, as well as many others. There are so many apps to look through. I saw quite a few interesting ones that were under $3 as well.

Since so many students already drag their mobile technology around with them I think it is wise to find ways to honor their use in class. I agree with Marialice Lindig about working on how to monitor appropriate use; but if it isn't a bad thing to have your mobile tech device in class then things will settle in. I'm sure there will be some good discussions on classroom management and mobile tech devices this year. I think I'll let my students create the management tools and help set boundaries- it usually works better if they have ownership in the creation and management of issues.


  1. Hey Weschizzle-
    I am glad our students will be blooging this year. They really enjoyed blogging last year in LA/SS, and I'm sure it will be a handy instructional tool in Science.

  2. I am interested in the uses for the itouch. How was the Europe trip?

  3. I think we'll all be having more fun with our mobile devices. Europe was great- even taking a dip while white water rafting in the middle of the rapids was pretty exhilarating!