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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tool #11 Digital Citizenship

This is a huge topic and very critical for teachers to understand and then to find the best ways to continually model internet safety, especially with social networking, and also with understanding copyright and plagiarism. These would be the three things I want to keep working on with my students: Internet safety, validating quality/point of view of a website, and plagiarism.
Most of the MS students I taught last year felt it was OK to accept friends that just asked to be a friend or give phone numbers, etc. on social networking sites. They also struggled with how to identify a quality website and then how not to plagiarize. They often would tell me that they had changed about 10 words so it was OK. We worked on using Noddletools and annotating our references which helped. This year I will utilize the SBISD resource list from the Power to Learn pages, ITSE Nets Standards, iSafe, and CyberSavy Teens to name a few resources.
I work with a great group of teachers that have the students best interest at heart and together we can set some consistency in our approaches vertically across grade levels as well as in our own content areas.

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  1. I have some things that I can share from I safe that you can use next year. I can help you with how not to plagiarize.