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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tool #8 Video Resources

I use lots of video clips as a resource to learn skills and techniques in technology. Also, videos and video clips are fabulous ways to consume lots of others work to generate ideas and clarify limitations or range of possibilities.

Here is a video from YouTube that shows one way to create a stop motion animation. My students create a 30 second stop motion animation as a major project. This one is called: Deadline the Making of.

Another very simple stop motion animation using children's plastic letters is below. The ABC Song.

Since my students are responsible to design and create an original stop motion animation it is important that they have access to a wide variety of stop motion formats. Luckily the web is a great resource. (The biggest problem is things being blocked by the district on YouTube. It limits my ability to differentiate to students needs if I have to show the video clip to everyone at one time and they can not access it when they need it.) No matter we have found lots of options with a bit of creativity all things seem to work out. There are many other clips and full videos that can be watched and provide a great starting place for consuming ideas/projects then critique them and begin to create their own projects.


  1. I like the stop-motion video. Planning on using it this year?

  2. Yes. Stop-motion gives so many learning opportunities and so much success.